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Durga Graphics

No. 1171 Sector 21 B
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Business Cards

Business Cards Offset Cards - Multicolour Offset Printing Paper Cards - Plain & Handmade Paper
- Screen Printed Cards
- Digital Printing Cards  Plastic Cards - Screen Printed Cards

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Business Cards

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About Durga Graphics

Vishal Sehgal
No. 1171 Sector 21 B

                                                                                               Durga Graphics

We're not an ordinary print shop. Our staff is comprised entirely of artists, designers, and developers who care about your project. As creative, we appreciate a quality product. We're not happy until you're happy...
Always remember: we're here to help. Most print companies just quote items, but our goal is different. We aim to make sure you get the right product for the right price. We ask questions and give you options so you are informed and empowered to make the best decision to suit your unique project. Instead of a simple glossy poster, we'll explain the pros and cons of using alternative materials.
We'r e interested in your project and we want to offer a product that really shines - literally.
Durga Graphics is a full-service commercial print shop located in Chandigarh. We pride ourselves upon offering the most affordable and discounted print items on the market. We offer many of our items at wholesale prices to ensure we're the cheapest in printing anywhere on the internet. Customer service is our ultimate priority, and we make a point or ensuring you're well-informed when deciding to print with us, so feel free to call and talk to one of our specialists about all your printing needs!
Keep it local by keeping us informed. If you find a cheaper price on any of our products, retrieve a quote and we'll attempt to price match.

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