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Nex Gen Events

SCO-1, Level - III, Chandigarh - , India
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Events Management

Nexgen Events is completely dedicated to bridging that platform between your business & our clients. Nexgen Events creates, conducts & comprehends, generalizing your corporate meetings, conferences & events. Nexgen Events has been upholding following array of events.

  • Conference / Seminars
  • State / National Convention
  • Product Launch
  • Road Shows
  • Promotions
  • Multimedia
  • Presentations
  • Training Programs
  • Secretarial Services
  • Turnkey Events
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About Nex Gen Events

Sumit Ceo
SCO-1, Level - III, Chandigarh - , India

                                                                                                  Nex Gen Events

                                                                                             Nex Gen Events

My name is Sumit Khajuria and I welcome you to our organization’s website. The goal of the team is to radically improve the quality of events everywhere, by streamlining, organizing and integrating all the stages involved in delivering a successful event. We at NexGen Events believe in making the lives of our clients less stressful and more productive. We work towards delighting you with our simplicity and versatility, ensuring memorable events time after time.NexGen is a new name for an old team launched under the guidance of North India Management Association (NIMA) which came about as a result of the interaction between people and technology. After an amazing journey of 10years in the event industry, we are fascinated to see how the user interface design still continues to influence the usage and consequent product or technology. Whilst working on various projects with an international event management company, I became aware that the job of an event manager is a little like putting together an elaborate jigsaw puzzle, with a large number of interconnecting and interdependent pieces or tasks, each of which is critical to the success of the next.By analyzing the workflow of tasks and using our understanding and knowledge of the way people interact with technological solutions, we created and developed the concept of NexGen Events.

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