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Haarita Ayurvedic Hospital
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sector 35,
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Exclusive Clinics & Specialty Therapy

Specialty clinics are available at haarita. These provide care and treatment for certain diseases that modern medicine cannot tackle.The forte of ayurveda or Ayurveda treatments is bought out and best treatments are provided to patients in an all round manner for relief and recovery.
Haarita hosts special clinics on
1. Pain Management
2. Lifestyle Diseases

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About Haarita Ayurvedic Hospital

Manas Director
+(91)- 8822233355
sector 35,

                                                                                    Haarita Ayurvedic Hospital & Resort

                       Haarita Ayurvedic Hospital    

Dr. Rajeev Kumar(BAMS)
Specialist in , Panchakarma, Pain Management, Infertility men and women, Fistula Piles, Skin Diseases.
Dr. Navneel Cauchan (BAMS)gen.Medicine Therapists
The therapists and the nurses are well trainied and qualifed with experience who perform all the treatments. 




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